Price Policy

Publication Fee

Our journal provides instant open access to articles, enabling articles published in journals to be available online for free anywhere in the world. You do not need to subscribe to access the articles. All articles in the system can be accessed and read without being a journal user.

Article processing fees for article submission, evaluation and publication have so far been covered by our journal from its own resources. As of 01.05.2024, authors will be required to pay an article processing fee in order to evaluate the articles as soon as possible and to provide better consultancy and editorial services.

The submission fee is requested before the evaluation without being subject to the acceptance-rejection condition. The article submission fee is requested before the evaluation during the article submission. Manuscripts for which the article processing fee is not paid are not evaluated.

This fee must be paid in advance before the evaluation and editing service is provided. This amount will not be refunded if the authors withdraw the manuscript or if the manuscript is rejected, at whatever stage and for whatever reason. There is no waiver of the article processing fee. In addition, paying the fee does not mean that the article will be accepted and does not increase the chances of acceptance. Author fees or waivers do not affect editorial decision-making. All submissions are evaluated by the Editorial Board and external reviewers for scientific quality and ethical standards.

The article processing fee is in no way related to the editors and reviewers of our journal who voluntarily contribute to the scientific evaluation of the articles. The Editor-in-Chief may reject articles without sending them to colleagues. Our journal has no legal or financial responsibility for these fees.

The article submission fee received before the evaluation within the framework of the UAK statement shows that our journal is not in the category of predator journals and that there are no limiting obstacles to the use of published articles for UAK applications.

Note: The statement regarding the article submission fee by UAK (TR Interuniversity Board Presidency) is as follows; "According to the decision taken at the General Assembly of the Council of Higher Education dated 07.03.2019, to be valid for articles published after 07.03.2019; Journals that demand a fee or additional fee from the author to be published after the acceptance of the article (looting / suspicious journals) cannot be used in associate professorship applications (declaration) as this relationship contains a conflict of interest."

Article Submission Fee Exemption

Discounts or exemptions will also be granted on a case-by-case basis to authors from low- and middle-income countries or to authors who do not have the funds to cover the submission fee. Please note that authors should submit all requests for article submission fee exemptions and discounts to the Publisher's Office as part of the initial submission process; requests made during the review process or after acceptance will not be considered.

Bank account details for fee payment:

IBAN: TR130004601328888000067948

ACCOUNT NAME: Bişar Amaç Yayıncılık

Article Submission Fee: 100,00 USD (Or equivalent Turkish Lira)

Information required on the bank receipt for invoicing: Name, Surname, Address, TR number (for citizens of the Republic of Turkey). After payment, the receipt should be uploaded to the journal e-mail address or to the files section during article submission.